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RMAN Backup & Recovery Setup Through EM on Windows [message #380979] Wed, 14 January 2009 10:51
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I need some help with setting up my Backup and Recovery in my production environment. I am running Oracle Standard Edition on windows 2003 Server.I have read & gatherd lot of information but cannot excute the plan to implement proper procedure. I am using Enterprise Manager for Backup to Disk and Tape (Tivoli)

Here is what I have configured in my Test ENV and want to implement in Production but want to know If I am doing it right.
I want to Acomplish 5 day recovery window. here is how it is setup

1. Database is in Arhcivelog Mode (We did not perform an Offline backup after switching to Archive Mode) Can i do it now and new backup will use that as base?

2. Under the Configure Backup Settings ==> Disk Backup Type = Backup Set
3. Under the Configure Backup Settings ==> Tape Backup Type = Backup Set
4. under Backup Set Tab = Default i.e. Copies of datafile backup = 1
copies of archivelog backup = 1
5. Under the Policy Tab ==> automatically backup the control file and SPfile = Checked
Rentetion Policy ==> Retain backups that are necessary for a Recovery to anytime withing 5 Day Recovery Window.

Now Here is how i schedule my current backups.

1. I go to Schedule Backup under the maintenance window.

2. Oracle-Suggested ==> Both Disk and Tape

3. Daily Backup ==> Archivelogs and the Full Database Copy

4. Disk Settings ==> Flash_Recovery_Area

5. Tape Setting ==> Tape Drive =1, Recovery Window == 5 Days.

My Question is If I am using Oracle-Suggested for Both Disk and Tape for recovery windows of 5 days. How does oracle save 5 day backups. Does it Save 5 days backup on disk and also on the tape? or It only keeps 24 hours on disk and remaining on the Tape? Do I need space in FRA for 5 Day backup of datafiles etc?

In order for me to make sure that I can fully recover/restore my database to any time within last 5 days. Can you please advise what do i need to do to make sure that I have Valid backups available?

I will schedule another job to delete obsolete backups. But from this situation what do i need to get 5 Day recovery window.

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