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Domain Index Full Scan [message #450372] Tue, 06 April 2010 14:41 Go to next message
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when execute a query on server of test the domain index is used. On production enviroment differently, the domain index not is used.

 SELECT pacient.numpac     ,
  pacient.name             ,
   FROM pacient
     ON cnaer.group = pacient.cnaer
  WHERE ((Contains(name,'"MICHAEL" AND "SCHMIT" AND "ENN" AND "NIEL"')>0))
AND stat = 'OKEY'

What I have to do? Can you help me?


Marcos Santos
Re: Domain Index Full Scan [message #450383 is a reply to message #450372] Tue, 06 April 2010 18:57 Go to previous message
Barbara Boehmer
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If your data is different or your indexes are different, then a full table scan might be a better execution plan in one environment. You should make sure you have complete current statistics on both tables using dbms_stats.gather_table_stats. You can also use an index hint to try to influence the optimizer. It also might help to try different syntax for the query, such as using the old (+) instead of the newer outer join and/or using a query with contains on just the pacient table as a sub-query in the from clause, then joining that to the other table. It might help to see an explain plan.

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