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Oracle porting a natural join [message #685407] Sun, 26 December 2021 18:43 Go to next message
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I am reviewing code written by a previous colleague. It uses a "natural join", which I am unfamiliar with and never used.

I would like to change this into JOIN inner, outer, left….. whatever the correct equivalent is, which shows what is actually being joined.

Below is my test case. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

create table holidays(
          holiday_date DATE not null,
          holiday_name VARCHAR2(20),
          constraint holidays_pk primary key (holiday_date),
          constraint is_midnight check ( holiday_date = trunc ( holiday_date ) )

        WITH dts as (
          select to_date('25-NOV-2021 00:00:00','DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS'), 'Thanksgiving 2021' from dual union all
          select to_date('29-NOV-2021 00:00:00','DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS'), 'Hanukkah 2021' from dual
        SELECT * from dts;

SELECT constraint_name, constraint_type, column_name
from user_constraints  natural join user_cons_columns
where table_name = 'HOLIDAYS';

SYS_C0075523509    C    HOLIDAY_DATE

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Michel Cadot
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SQL Natural Join

A natural join is an inner equi join on columns with same name in both tables/views.

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John Watson
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NATURAL JOIN is part of the standard. It facilitates lazy programming, but is prone to error. For example, SCOTT can run

select * from emp natural join dept;

and get the result he wants. But if HR runs

select * from employees natural join departments;

the result will not be so good.
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