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Faster creation of Context index [message #133473] Fri, 19 August 2005 04:58
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Hi Experts,
I am new to the concept of CONTEXT in Oracle and I havent worked on it. My problem is that we have monthly process of rebuilding the context index on a table ( varchar column). This process takes about 8hrs. When I created it the last time I increased the sort_area_size parameter for the session to 500M,increased sort_multiblock_read_count and db_file_multiblock_read_count depending upon the OS limitations,and the index was created in 4 hrs. But this is just DBA trick to do things faster and i beleive it can be done more faster.
Can anyone suggest me what are the ways of speeding up the index creation process from the CONTEXT perspective
,like increasing default memory with Ctx_Adm.Set_Parameter ( 'DEFAULT_INDEX_MEMORY', '500M'); .
Also having default_index_memory and sort_area_size as 500, will this take 1000M of memory during the index creation?
Also i read somewhere that before creating index truncating the table DR$INDEX_ERROR will help speeding index creation. Is this right? I think it should not make a difference .
Any suggestion on speeding up the index creation would be helpful. i cannot create the index in parallel as I am running Oracle 8.1.6 and base table is not partitioned.

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