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CLOB Retrive Problem ... Pls help [Urgent] [message #149726] Sat, 03 December 2005 06:09
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I am using Oracle 10g as server and Oracle 9i as client. My application is created in Visual Basic 6.0. I am storing the RTF Files in Oracle using CLOB column. Input format is different from file to file(which is .doc file or .html or .rtf). Some of the files contains Photos and some text area. I have convert these files in rtf format and assign the richtext to the clob column by sing "RichText Box" in Vb6.
The problem is on retrival of the clob column. I am getting the column by using the select query and assign the entire contents to the "Rich Textbox" in vb6 application. when i am attempt to assign the clob rtf text contents to the richtext box the applcation gets hanged or it will takes too much time to display the data. This kind of problem which comes for some file only. But for most of files retrival this error doesn't comes. Anyone pls assist me how to rectify this kind of problem. I think some errors in the file storage. Let me know what to do in this wheather insertion changes or retrival changes.

For insertion i have directly assign the text to Clob Column.
For eg....
<<<<< rsResume!FileContent = RtfResumeContent.TextRtf >>>>>>

For Retrival i have directly retrive the text from, Clob Column.
For eg....
<<<<< RtfResumeContent.TextRtf = rsResume!FileContent >>>>>>

With Thankz in advance...
Senthil Kunmar .S
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