Instructions on how to Search this site

You can use boolean operators and, or, or not when searching this site. Without these booleans, it will be assumed you're and'ing the words together. These operators are not case sensitive. Evaluation takes place from left to right, nevertheless, one can use parentheses to change the order of evaluation.

To search for a phrase in a document use "double-quotes" to delimit your search terms. This is especially handy when searching for Oracle error messages.

The only wildcard available is (*), however it can only be used at the end of a word. Usage at the beginning or in the middle of the word will result in an error.

Example searches:

  • sql and error - retrieves documents containing both the words "sql" and "error".

  • backup or recovery - retrieves documents containing either the words "backup" or "recovery".

  • database and tuning not optimizer - retrieves first the files that contain both the words "database" and "tuning"; then among those the ones that do not contain the word "optimizer".

  • odbc not (vb and asp) - retrieves files with "odbc" and containing neither vb" nor "asp".

  • tab* - find documents containing the words "tab", "tabs", "table", "tables", "tablespace", etc.

  • "i/o rate" - search for the phrase "i/o rate". Return documents where these words are used next to each other.

  • "ORA-01001" - search for an Oracle error message.

  • OERI 6033 - Search for ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [6033] errors