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CSI (Customer Support Identifier) is number issued to a customer when they buy Maintenance and Support for a set of product from Oracle Corporation. This number is visible on the contract documentation (welcome letter) and is required to register for support on Oracle's MOS (My Oracle Support) website. For subsequent purchases, be sure to add the new CSI numbers to your MOS profile.

Q: How can I get a Customer Support Identifier (CSI)?
A: It's not possible to get a CSI for free. You need to buy support to get a CSI number. This number indicates to Oracle that the customer paid for, and is entitled to get support. Oracle may provide a trial CSI (valid for a limited period) under certain conditions, e.g. while a new agreement is being finalised.

Q: Where do I get my company's CSI number?
Your colleagues or DBA should have the name of your company's Customer User Administrator (CUA). Contact this person for the CSI number. Otherwise, your finance department may be able to check on the support agreement. If all else fails, contact Oracle for assistance.

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