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dbForge Fusion for Oracle (formerly known as OraDeveloper Tools) is a Visual Studio plugin designed to enhance productivity of Oracle database development and simplify data management process. Due to the full integration with Microsoft Visual Studio dbForge Fusion for Oracle allows developers to explore and maintain existing databases, design compound SQL statements and queries, and manipulate data in different ways.

dbForge Fusion will officially be discontinued on the 1st of July 2024. However, you can access the features available in dbForge Fusion for Oracle through dbForge Studio for Oracle, which is actively supported and regularly updated.

Feature list[edit]

Ide-integration.png Integration with Visual Studio

• All database development and administration tasks available from your IDE

• SQL Editor, database object editors and other editors behave like usual IDE documents

• Help integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio .Net


Oracle-connectivity.pngOracle Database Connectivity

• Oracle Database Connectivity

• Support for Oracle versions from 7.3 to 12c

• Ability to use several Oracle Homes in single application

• Instant Client support

• Optional direct access mode for establishing connections without Oracle client software

• Working with Oracle on Amazon RDS

• Unicode support

Admin-manage.pngAdministration Tools

• Comprehensive Security Manager to administer user accounts and privileges

• Session manager for monitoring active Oracle server connections and tracing user sessions

• Event Monitor for monitoring Oracle database alerts and pipe messages

Data-analysis-icon.pngData Analysis

• Display table data representing Parent-Child dependencies (Master-Detail Browser)

• Data report generation wizard

• Data report builder

• Pivot table designer

• Chart building wizard

• Data search on a live database

• Automate report generation and distribution

Data-comparison.pngData Comparison

• Comparing and synchronizing data in databases of virtually any size

• Comparison of tables, views, materialized views, and custom queries

• Custom comparison keys support

• Option for BLOB data comparison

• Comparison results filtering

• Data synchronization script generation

• Per record viewing of data differences

• Excluding tables and records from synchronization

• Saving and loading of comparison settings

• Generating accurate comparison reports in HTML and Excel formats

Data-edit.pngData Editor

• Asynchronous data fetch with ability to cancel the operation

• Batch table update mode when changes are accumulated and applied explicitly

• Copying data with column headers for quick pasting to spreadsheet

• Custom data filters of any complexity

• Data Viewer window for browsing images, rtf, and binary cell values

• Date time editor with visual interface

• Foreign key lookup editor for easy editing of fields referencing other tables

• Free copying of any block of data to clipboard

• Full-text search (Ctrl+F) in data grid

• Graphical card view

• Grouping by arbitrary columns

• Incremental search (Ctrl+I) through data grid

• Large objects (LOB) editor

• Multi-table query result set editing

• Paginal data browsing for large result sets

• Printing of data

• Quick filter feature available for each data cell

• Record numbering option

• Read-only state indication

• Report, chart, and pivot building directly from data editor

• Server-side sorting and filtering to help dealing with large data sets

• Visible columns picking dialog box

• Editing of multiple execution results of one script on separate tabs

• Support of various ADT in a separate editor

Db-explorer.pngDatabase Explorer

• Multiple database connections allowed

• Asynchronous connecting to server with ability to cancel the operation

• Browse and navigate through objects

• Detailed object properties and data browsing in Object Viewer window

• Dependency tree browsing for each object

• Duplicate object feature

• Quick template script generation for selected object: SELECT, INSERT, EXECUTE, etc.

• Customizable DDL generation via wizard

• 'Send To' command for quick sending of tables to Query Builder, Data Report, and other tools

• Quick access to object privileges (GRANT) from the popup menu

• Multi-selection for batch operations on objects

• Database navigation history

Project.pngDatabase Projects

• New project wizard with import from an existing database

• Project Explorer window for managing project files

• Schema View window for browsing logical project structure

• Project export into one of multiple scripts

• Multiple build configurations

• Single-click project deployment on the server

• Workspace saving



• PL/SQL code debugging

• Script debugging

• Step Into, Step Over, and Step Out commands for step-by-step execution

• Breakpoints support for procedures, functions, triggers, and scripts

• Breakpoints window

• Call Stack window with navigation

• Watches window for variable evaluation

Exp-imp-data.pngExporting and Importing Data

• Data export to:CSV, XML, Text, XLS, PDF, DBF, HTML, RTF, MDB (Access), ODBC, SQL • Export data from multiple tables at once • Data import from: CSV, XML, Text, XLS, XLSX, DBF, MDB (Access), ODBC • Templates for exporting and importing

Object-edit.pngObject Editors

• Create and manipulate database objects through graphical interface

• Visual editors for following schema object types:Database link, Cluster, Check constraint, Foreign key, Index, Materialized view, Materialized view log, Package, Sequence, Stored function, Stored procedure, Synonym, Table, Trigger, Unique key, User type, View, XML schema

• Undo option for object editor

• Ability to browse schema objects in a single editor (pin document)

Object-search.pngObject Search

• Search in object names

• Search in object DDL

• Search in table data

Oracle-import-export-icon.pngOracle Export and Import Utilities Support

• Support for Exp and Imp utilities

• Wizards for export and import procedure setup

• Quick access from Database Explorer

Query-builder-icon.pngQuery Builder

• The state-of-art diagram with zooming and keyboard support

• Preview and printing of the diagram

• Visual addition of sub-queries to any part of the main query

• Query outline (displayed in Document Outline window)

• Visual editing of sub-queries

• Expression builder for creating complex conditions

• Copy/Paste for tables on the diagram

• Undo/Redo support

• Saving queries to a file

Query-profiler.pngQuery Profiler

• PL/SQL profiling to detect code performance bottlenecks

• Visual SQL explain plan

• Session statistics displayed in a UI

• Plan of the query displayed in the tree view for easy review

• Profiling history that can be saved for further analysis

• Compare profiling results feature with differences highlight

• Profiling results printing

Schema-compare-icon.pngSchema Comparison

• Capability to compare and synchronize Oracle database schemas

• Synchronization between different server versions

• Compare schemas using live connections or pre-saved offline snapshots

• Compare and generate database server change scripts between two or more databases

• Schema synchronization script generation

• Per object viewing of DDL differences

• Objects exclusion from synchronization

• Comparison results filtering

• Saving and loading comparison settings

• Schema comparison reports generation

Schema-export-import-icon.pngSchema Export and Import

• Comprehensive Oracle database schema export and import wizards

• Export of Oracle object definition schemas as well as its data

• Large Oracle schema export support

• Reverse engineer objects DDL including roles, permissions to recreate objects in a different db/schema

• Schema export projects to save settings for future use

• Zip compression for export output files

• Error and status logging

Sql-development.pngSQL Editing and Execution

• Code collapsing/expanding with support of user-defined regions

• Code snippets library with a browser window and editor

• Context-sensitive code completion

• PL/SQL formatter

• Document Outline window for quick navigation through large scripts

• Execution of scripts, selected SQL fragments, and statements

• Store PL/SQL execution parameters for re-use

• One-step access to a schema object editor from code (go to definition)

• Parameter information for stored routines

• Quick access to favorite templates from SQL editor

• Quick information about schema objects

• SQL editor with syntax coloring, bookmarks, and text search

• Executed SQL history window for the document

Db-design.pngVisual Database Designer

• Visualization of tables, views, stored procedures

• Easy access to database objects for viewing their properties, editing, retrieving data, executing stored routines, etc.

• Support for IDEF1X and IE notations

• Customizable diagram look and feel with skin support

• Smart ER Diagram layout

• Diagram export to different image formats

• Searching database objects on diagram

• Organizing diagram shapes with containers

• Customizable diagram printing with a rich set of options

• Optional displaying of table constraints, indexes, and triggers

• Integration with Document Outline window

• Diagram navigation with Diagram Overview window

• Notes for adding your comments to the diagram

To learn more visit the overview page


To install the tool, it is necessary to double-click the exe file and follow the prompts in the wizard. The tool can be upgraded using the built-in wizard. If a new version is available on the Devart website, you are automatically prompted about it when you start the tool.


dbForge Fusion for Oracle comes in 2 editions: Standard and Professional.

You can find the detailed edition comparison table here


• 30-day fully-functional product trial

• 30-day money-back guarantee policy

• Volume discounts free 1-year subscription for updates and technical support

Product support

If you have any problems with the product or questions or suggestions concerning it, you can send an e-mail to its developers or write them at the company forum, and you will be answered shortly.


The first version of OraDeveloper Tools for Visual Studio .NET was released in May 2005.

The v.3.8 was made in December 2016 and brought Visual Studio 2017 support.

The latest update v.3.9 was made in November 2019, which among other improvements, brought Visual Studio 2019 support.