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A SR is a Service Request to Oracle Support; it was previously called a TAR (Technical Assistance Request). SR's can be logged on Oracle's Metalink website.

SR Severity Definitions[edit]

Severity Level 1 (Critical Business Impact)[edit]

You experience a complete loss of service. Work cannot reasonably continue, the operation is mission critical to the business and the situation is an emergency. A Severity 1 SR has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Data corrupted
  • A critical documented function is not available
  • System hangs indefinitely, causing unacceptable or indefinite delays for resources or response
  • System crashes, and crashes repeatedly after restart attempts

Severity Level 2 (Serious Business Impact)[edit]

You experience a severe loss of service. No acceptable workaround is available; however, operation can continue in a restricted fashion.

Severity Level 3 (Minor Business Impact)[edit]

You experience a minor loss of service. The impact is an inconvenience, which may require a workaround to restore functionality.

Severity Level 4 (No Business Impact)[edit]

You experience no loss of service. The result does not impede the operation of a system.

SR Status Codes[edit]

The following status codes are used to classify and track SR's:


  • NEW - New SR
  • WIP - Work In Progress
  • RVW - Review
  • 1CB - 1st Callback
  • 2CB - 2nd Callback
  • IRR - Immediate Response Required
  • INT - Awaiting Internal Response


  • WCP - Waiting for Customer to apply Patch
  • CUS - Waiting on Customer
  • SLP - Sleep until Customer Available
  • LMS - Left Message
  • SCL - Soft Close
  • HCL - Hard Close


  • DEV - Assigned to Development

For example: when you see something like TAR is ready to SCL, you will know what it means:


If you are not receiving the service you expect from your support engineer or if you believe your issue requires more attention than a Sev 2 normally receives, you can escalate your SR. To do so, you call Oracle Support, speak to a support engineer, and request escalation. A support manager will call you within an hour or so. You will need to explain the reason you are requesting escalation.

Escalated SRs are reviewed by the support manager. Only Sev 2 SRs can be escalated, but you can request a call from a support manager on any SR if you are not being serviced adequately.